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The first Kylie Minogue's film on the big screen

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This page is dedicated to the first movie that Kylie Minogue played on the big screen in 1989. We are speaking about "The Delinquents" that you will be able to see in more than 1100 images with detailed explaining text about the script. You must click on the image above to enter the site where you will be able to see Kylie Minogue and Charlie Schlatter, the starrings of this wonderfull love story.

The first level of this page has been done thanks to my friend Javier who is co-moderator of the Kylie Minogue PubliSpain Foro that you can enter through the image below (sorry, is a Spanish Foro). Javier lent me the film in VHS format copied on DVD. The tape was very bad and I had to cut a lot of fragments of each captured image that you can see in the first level of the site composed for more than five hundred little images. Afterwards I was able to make a second level with another six hundred nitid and large images from DVD format.

I have made this site in order you can see this movie in detail althoug without movement, for all people who would like to see the movie and cannot, as was my experience when I knew about its existence and I began to look for images in magazines, books, clips as the one that appears on de DVD "On the Go. Live in Japan" or the clip of the song "Tears on my Pillow". In this way, I expect to satisfay those people until the movie be edited again.


Based on a novel writen by Criena Rohan with te same title, The Delinquents show us the conservative Australia from the Fifties and tell us the story of a great romance between two teenagers, Lola Lovell (Kylie Minogue) and Brownie Hansen (Charlie Schlatter). Too young to be together, too being in love with to be separated, the passional obsession between Lola nad Brownie breaks all the rules. Being dealed as problem makers they always are separated, but anyone, any law, any institution will get to separate Lola and Brownie because for them the first love is the only one. The Delinquents was filmed in Brisbane, and was the first Australian trying to make a movie about teenagers and was also the debut to Kylie Minogue as an actress.


Australian site about the movie that makes an analysis of the DVD. You can buy the DVD but you must know that is Zone 4 (Australia) and you cannot possibly see it on a normal DVD, where sometimes you can only see Zone 1 and 2 (USA, Canada, Europe) but you can see it on a PC with the Power DVD program.

Resume of the movie from the clip of the song "Tears on my Pillow"

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Kylie Minogue interpretando 'I Believe In You' en el Gran Teatro del Liceo de Barcelona en su visita para recibir la Mención Especial del Jurado de los Premios Ondas 2004

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